Women Money and Intimacy

How to Create Real Wealth In Your Life

“An inspiring and authentic look into truly living abundantly … a book about self worth, personal power and expression. This deeply moving and inspiring journey Kirsty is taking me on will forever be a life changer”    — Michelle

“Your book is exactly what I need right now when I’m learning to express MY value, after all these years”    — Christine

One woman’s story becomes every woman’s search for fairytale love and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

One day in 2007 Kirsty received a phone call, which would lead to a decision that would change her destiny. In a single moment of time she knew her life had changed forever. But how did she know?

Kirsty candidly shares her memories of decisions about being in love, holding personal power and struggling with wealth. She reflects upon moments of deep depression during her early twenties, to times of financial destitution in her mid thirties. And she does this all for the purpose of demonstrating the power of a decision to chance the course of your life.

As you resonate with Kirsty’s stories, you may believe you are reading your own life story at times, and you will begin to understand that your vision for the future will create a new life for you, despite your past.

This book is not just a story. It’s a guide book, created to help you …

Remember Why You Are Here Now

Reconnect With Your Authentic Voice

Open Your Heart

Redesign Your Life in a way that feels true for you, so you can

Receive The Magnificence You Deserve