Resources to help you find your way on Your Own Path

The Wheel of the Sacred Feminine

$33 AUD

The medicine wheel of the Sacred Feminine offers us healing and growth. This series invites you to your inner garden, to sit at the centre of a sacred medicine wheel. You will be guided to connect with your archetypal Mother, Warrior, Lover, Medial and Queen, who will each share specific messages about how you can access greater power. Through gentle connection with each archetype you will explore aspects of yourself from you may have become estranged, because you have judged them as bad / wrong / not enough. They will share ways in which you can strengthen this part of yourself, as you allow yourself to receive clear guidance. This is a powerful series, and it is recommended that you take time between each archetype to integrate her messages into your life.

**NOTE: You can purchase this series of meditations on their own at $33 AUD, or as part of the self-paced Embody the Sacred online course at $72 AUD**

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Women Money and Intimacy

This book is not just a story. It’s a guide book, created to help you …

Remember Why You Are Here Now

Reconnect With Your Authentic Voice

Open Your Heart

Redesign Your Life in a way that feels true for you, so you can

Receive The Magnificence You Deserve

The Quick Start Guide to Create Perfect Health

$33 AUD (Guide Only)

A 21 Day program to help you experience positive change if you …

  • Are a high achiever
  • Find it difficult to relax and find balance
  • Go flat out for a period of time and collapse in a heap
  • Enjoy helping others
  • Don’t always give yourself the space to be in touch with your feelings
  • Want to feel okay about taking time out for yourself every now and then

$333 AUD (Guide PLUS Three Sessions)

You can also invest in this program PLUS three sessions with me to help you get clear on, and stay true to, your intention; and to clear emotional resistances that arise as you choose to elevate your frequency and health quotient.

Sessions are usually programmed at the beginning, half way through, and at the end.