An Online Medicine Journey

“When we Embody the Sacred we allow ourselves to delve into the deepest corners of our internal world, and call back the power we have forsaken because we have judged ‘parts’ of ourselves as bad / evil / shameful / not enough. 

When we Embody the Sacred we connect our Whole Spirit with this Human Body, and embody more of this Being. 

When we Embody the Sacred we call in our fullest potential, and we anchor more Light and deeper Love …

The result is a deeper connection to your innate power and wisdom, and greater sovereignty”   — Kirsty

“You are one thing only.

You are a Divine Being.

An all-powerful Creator.

You are a Deity in jeans and a t-shirt,

and within you dwells the infinite wisdom of the ages

and the sacred creative force of All that is, will be and ever was.”

Anthon St. Maarten, Divine Living

Most of us were conditioned out of our natural, intuitive state.

Instead, we are trained to think logically and rationally, and we were told that the feelings in our bodies are not something to be trusted.

For many generations, it has been ‘normal’ to suppress emotions so we are not seen as ‘weak’. As a result, the energy they hold accumulates in our body so that we have created wave after wave in the epidemic of STRESS  and ANXIETY.

But if you observe babies and children, they are constantly responding to their feelings, and their emotions move freely through their bodies.

Our intuitive nature is our natural ability to tap into our surroundings, so we can make informed and powerful decisions for Self, and for the situations and people that are important to us.

Do you know it’s time to TUNE IN TO YOURSELF some more?

When we Return To Centre we create a new strength within.

This Return To Centre means we fully Embody the Sacred vessel within which your Soul has chosen to live this lifetime. As the outside world crumbles, your foundation strengthens and stands the challenges of time, because You Are Whole.

When you Embody the Sacred you Call Back All Fragments of Your Self, of Your Soul – light, dark, good, bad, calm, chaos – and allow them to be seen, embrace them and choose your connection with them for the next step of the path.

This makes you stronger, freer, lighter and better able to navigate these chaotic times.

I developed this medicine journey as a result of my personal experience with energy and emotion, and learning to read the signals in my body. I discovered that when I was triggered by another it was because I had unheard trauma lying within, because of a decision I had made about myself.

Once I learned to identify the decision, then the underlying belief and emotion, I was able to shift the trauma energy and Feel Freer in My Body.

And the process of talking with certain aspects of My Self really helped me with this. These aspects of myself are known as archetypes and they live in our subconscious mind, influencing our every thought, feeling and action. When we are not conscious of their part, they can wreak havoc! When we connect with them, give them a voice, embrace them and choose how we want to interact they become our greatest allies.

First we must shine a light on some of the decisions you made, and own how these decisions have impacted your life and belief system. Many of these decisions you won’t even know you’ve made, because they were formed very young, and some of your beliefs may have been carried and active in your DNA for generations.

Once you have an understanding of how these beliefs have formed your behaviour, you can call back the power you’ve relinquished to your wounded self, who judged parts of you as ‘bad’. This begins your journey Home to being more power-full.

You can then work with your feelings and learn to read the subtle messages your body is sending you, which helps you change your unhelpful behaviours for the long term.

Once we learn to work more closely with our feelings and our body we can teach ourselves to change our thoughts and patterns of behaviour. Whilst it can feel challenging it’s not difficult once you know what you’re working with, and have tools to do it.

As we work more and more with The Whole we bring ourselves into a state of harmony and flow, which brings greater Power, Grace and Joy.

More light, power, grace and joy brings more energy and clarity to be of service to our family and community.

Embody the Sacred is a self-paced medicine journey, best taken over six weeks, which allows you time to integrate each lesson into your life.

It includes practical and informative 30 minute (maximum) teaching videos and guided processes to help you feel powerful, joyful and clear, with more energy to be the leader and role model you know you are here to be.

It is time and You Are Ready.

You can download the course immediately, and begin to follow the lessons in your own time.

Your investment to receive the teachings in this way, and create transformation for yourself, is

$72 USD

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