I’m a holistic health advocate and modern shaman, experienced and skilled in accessing the luminous frequencies of many modalities and of the wisdom traditions.

My superpowers are presence, divine acceptance and higher understanding,  and an amazing ability to ask the right questions that help you get from where you are now to where you want to be!

As you immerse yourself in your work with me …

You will experience transformation

You’ll unlock the keys to radiant love and compassion

You will discover your soul’s luminosity

You will develop your own inner radiance and your essence of love.

I will never pretend to have all the answers for you, and I won’t give you a template that you need to copy.

Your life is YOUR life. Your business is YOUR business.

What I do know is that I can help you amplify and enhance it, because I’ve done it for myself and for many others.

I started my professional ‘adult’ life as an army officer (that’s me with my husband of 20 years, James).

After attending the Royal Military College I graduated as an intelligence officer.

I had the most amazing experiences in the nine years I served, including a five month deployment to East Timor with the UNTAET mission in 2000, where I was posted to Balibo, on the border of West Timor. The tour was incredibly fulfilling for me, as I spent a lot of time with the locals.

I returned home feeling depressed, and couldn’t really understand what was happening for me. I know now that it was the beginning of a spiritual awakening for me.

My depression / awakening led me to take up full time study again and I embarked upon the path of natural medicine.

And I also took up a regular yoga practice, after serendipitously finding an amazing yoga teacher, whose down to earth approach helped me quickly realise the value of this practice to align my body with my spirit.

It was during a trip to a bookstore to buy herbal medicine texts that I encountered the book that would set the stage for the rest of my life to date.

That book was Caroline Myss’  “Anatomy of the Spirit”. As it turned out, Caroline had a huge influence on my life, and also the awakening of my husband some eight years later. I was in tears when I was able to share some of our story in person at a workshop in Sedona in 2015.

As a naturopath and massage therapist I would get so excited to see shifts in my clients after a session, and to experience their enhanced wellbeing when they would return for maintenance visits.

I began to notice though, that after a few weeks, they would begin to say that they were noticing old patterns kick in again, and they would become discouraged as they started to plateau. These experiences as a clinician began to lead my down a new path of exploring energy and vibrational medicine more deeply, to support the  spirit of a person as they began to heal their physical body.

I expanded my practice with modalities like Australian Bush Flower Essences, Reiki and Reconnective Healing.

During this time I also birthed my two daughters, who became my most important purpose in this phase of my life. They are now amazing young women, and I feel so blessed that they chose me, and that I’ve been able to chaperone them through their lives.

Also during this time James returned from the Middle East, broken physically, emotionally and spiritually. In western medicine he was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder. In shamanism he was experiencing a spiritual awakening waiting to happen!

The desire to help him recreate his life led me on another new path – that of learning the value of connecting with, and healing, the emotional body. This part of my journey was an amplification of everything I had learned to date about aligning ALL the elements of a human so they can continue to grow.

My work has touched 1000’s of people around Australia, and the world, since 2008.

I began women’s workplace workshops in 2008, and was also a facilitator for a large personal development company at their events during this time.

In 2014 I co-created the Young Warrior Leadership camp with James – a rite of passage style workshop for young people aged 11-16 years, and their families. It continued for 10 years, originally for young men, and introducing women in 2017.

In 2016, we co-created the Put Your Hand Up campaign, a national workshop designed to contribute solutions to mental and emotional health.

My signature retreat, Embody the Sacred, ran for six years, at least twice per year, until it concluded in 2020 when the world changed.

In 2021 I offered it as an online retreat, and it is now a self-paced online course.

Because of the depth of the work we do together, and the extent we get to know one another, some of my ‘clients’ have become dear friends.

My most favourite ‘job’ I’ve ever done in the last five years is to be asked to ‘marry’ two of my dear friends.

Brea and Nick came to James and I many years ago, and we have had the honour of witnessing their relationship through many highs and not-so-highs.

It was such an honour to be asked to be the facilitator of their marriage, along with a qualified celebrant, in Tasmania in 2019.

It is such a pleasure to share these memories with you here 💜

If you feel it’s time to change things up, or to completely up-level your game, book a half hour Clarity Conversation with me, and we’ll explore options.

You will come away knowing the next step in your journey, and feeling safe to make the choice that serves your highest.

A conversation with another helps in so many ways, because you feel and hear yourself speaking to what's important to you, which helps you know your truth more deeply. I would love to be a sounding board, so you can know your next step!

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